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VPN Concentrator
For greater security when using the Internet, the best practice is to adopt the Virtual Private Network. VPN is an established network with encrypted communication between one or more locations on the Internet. NetSecurity can assist your company with several VPN formats. The most common are:

• VPN site to site: to get away from high investments in private communication links, VPNs between sites are ideal. Using common access to the Internet, two or more locations can connect with security, providing the logical approximation of distant environments regardless of how access to the Web is handled.

VPN client to site – IPSEC: remote users, such as sales reps, field technicians and any other who need mobile access to the network, can be more secure with installed software that permits communication with network resources through an established VPN, regardless of which connection to the Internet is used.

VPN client to site – SSL: the IPSEC solution depends on installed software or preconfiguration for obtaining access. And how can I have secure access to the corporate network from another computer? From a Lan House? Kiosk or unprepared personal computer? A PDA or Handheld? These questions can be easily answered using VPN SSL, which employs the Internet navigator to establish a secure VPN tunnel. It is the ideal solution for putting DMZ publications and services in a controlled and encrypted environment.

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